The death of a ‘Brave Writer of Afghanistan’

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Death of Journalist
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The night some time recently he passed on, Aliyas Dayee was up late working. This was not bizarre for Dayee, who didn’t intellect aiming to bed late or getting up early for a story. That night, he was wrapping up a radio report almost an assault on an Afghan military checkpoint close Lashkar Gah in Helmand area, Afghanistan. Where he lived. (Dheva)


Dayee, who was 33, was born and raised in Helmand and went through his working life. Covering the recede and stream of savagery between the military and the Taliban. Within the months driving up to his passing, the savagery had been streaming. Indeed as peace talks got beneath way thousands of miles absent in Qatar, with the point of finishing the war. Afghanistan was encountering a surge in deaths of individuals in open life.

Dayee inevitably closed his portable workstation and went to bed. And within the morning he and his brother Mujtaba set off early to gather a Danish writer he was making a difference with a radio report. Dayee had as of late acquired a unused car. So he may drive his elderly mother to the clinic in more noteworthy consolation. He was constant almost checking its undercarriage for explosives. – getting down on all fours no matter how brief a time the car had been cleared out unattended. His companions would joke to him that he was like a mouse.- continuously caution, prepared at any minute to shoot absent from threat.

The businesspeople inverse Dayee’s house said that he checked the car as normal that morning. But a attractive “sticky bomb” had been put interior the wheel curve, police told the family, where it was difficult to spot. And it exploded in no time after the two brothers cleared out the house, slaughtering Dayee and injuring Mujtaba. Dayee’s spouse listened the blast from the house and went running.

The impact did not come out of the blue.

Dayee had gotten shadowy dangers over the a long time from the Taliban. Frequently by way of the security administrations. – Sufficient for his bosses at Radio Free Europe to fly him a few times to Kabul for his safety. Recently, his family had attempted to induce him to move to the capital. For months, the Taliban had been pushing towards Lashkar Gah from encompassing areas and in October the aggressors were closing in on the city.

The day before he died

Dayee texted his companion Aziz Tassal, a Washington Post writer he had known for 15 years. To say he was stressed and thought he ought to go to Kabul. Tassal had regularly encouraged him to take off Helmand. “Three or four times he went to Europe for work. And each time I asked him to inquire his directors in the event that he seem remain,” Tassal said. But Dayee stood up to. “Helmand is my soul,” he told his companion. He did not need to take off his mother, spouse and their youthful girl, or his sister and her children who he had taken in when her spouse, a constable, was slaughtered. He had too as of late pitched a huge tent in his plant to offer protect to four other related families uprooted by the battling. And they had to be thought of as well.

Dayee’s more youthful brother, Mudassir Dawat. Was not in Helmand the day his brother passed on. He had taken after Dayee into news coverage and was in Kabul for a conference. It was as well unsafe to return to Helmand by street. So Dawat seem not get back in time to see Dayee laid to rest. Some days afterward, he sat down and opened the portable workstation. His brother had been working on the night some time recently the bombarding. On the screen was Dayee’s sound altering computer program, open on his last report. Dawat squeezed play, and listened once more his brother’s warm voice. Talking to an elderly man uprooted by an assault that day.

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