Best Horror Movies for Date Night

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ZETIZEN RADAR CIREBON – How about meeting up with your boyfriend or girlfriend to enjoy a paranormal horror movies? Who says that’s not very romantic? Being scared witless is the perfect excuse for snuggling closer! Here are five of the top chillers. (cva)

A Quiet Place (2018)

The world has been invaded by mysterious aliens that hunt by sound. This means that to avoid a sticky end, the remaining humans must creep around. Allowing stealth to become their key to survival. This scenario means you and your partner will be poised on the edge of your seats for the duration. As one family, Evelyn (Emily Blunt), Lee (Joe Krasinski), and their kids, struggle to survive surrounded by aurally-sensitive creatures.

Poltergeist (1982)

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Age hasn’t diminished its impact one bit for this movie. This tale of a typical suburban family, the Freeling. Their home is built on a Native American burial ground. Not to mention a portal into a dimension peopled by demonic entities, is made all the more terrifying by the daytime normality. When the youngest daughter Carol Anne hears voices beyond the TV and announces, “they’re here!” shivers will run down your spine!

Host (2020)

If Poltergeist is an example of brilliant horror that first chilled previous generations, Host is current. Tapping into the zoom culture we have all become so familiar with. Six friends conducts an online séance, with the screen split into component parts to show how they are each affected by events. When one of the group plays a prank, a seventh-guest begins infiltrating their live sessions – a demonic presence. The tension is maintained throughout this creepy feature. Drawing you into the terrifying paranormal activity unfolding on the separate screens before you.

Blair Witch Project (2016)

Found footage movies have become a familiar trope for the horror genre, but this was the original. A trio of filmmakers heads deep into the backwoods of Maryland to investigate the mysterious disappearance of one of the group’s sisters. They went into the same murky forest to investigate stories of a horrific witch. They cower over a campfire, discussing previous incidents, including murders, and their anxiety is palpable. We share in their reaction to every snapping twig, and as events spiral out of control, you will be seeking comfort in your partner’s arms.

The Babadook (2014)

Like many movies of this genre, this debut feature from Australian writer/director Jennifer Kent is founded on what seems to be the innocence of a child being read fairy stories. But just as many fables can contain layers of darkness. The boy, Sam (Noah Wiseman) begins fantasizing about a mysterious humanoid, tall, with a thin face, and savage talons, and who wears a top hat. This entity torments its victims as soon as they become aware of its presence. The book also disturbed Amelia (Essie Davies), which is Sam’s mother. The inexplicable events that begin occur. While Sam lives in terror that the so-called Babdook is anything but imaginary.

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