Cristiano Ronaldo Returning to MU, Dream Comes Genuine

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cristiano ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo – The 2021 summer exchange window got to be one of the most out of control in football history with the astonish return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester Joined together. He has already been connected with Manchester City. (Dheva)

Official return to Mu got to be the perfection of a dream that he to begin with talked almost in 2014 back. Ronaldo claims to have continuously cherished Joined together and he can presently at last return, 12 a long time after his 2009 move to Genuine Madrid.

“I love United and to go back there, I never know and you never know,” he told MUTV in pre-season ahead of the 2014 season.

“Of course I’m happy at Real Madrid. This is my home and my club, but United treated me so wonderfully that we never know. “They are one of my favorite clubs,” he continued.

“Everyone knows that every time I talk about Real Madrid, I have to talk about United, because I like it there. I was 18 years old when I joined you. I won everything there,” he explained.

“And the people there treated me like a god, so I appreciate it. In the future, no one knows. For me it’s one of the best clubs in the world and I’ve always had a passion for this club.”

“Some of the players I still contact. Because when I was there, I created a good relationship with everyone, not just the players. But, all the staff at the club,” Ronaldo said.

“It was like my second family there as well, so I won’t forget that people treated me well. I will not forget.”

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