Biografi dan Puisi Karya Arthur Rimbaud

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ZETIZEN RADAR CIREBON – Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud, sastrawan dan penyair Prancis yang punya pengaruh besar di bidang sastra, musik, dan seni modern dalam gerakan simbolis dan puisi modern. Berikut adalah biografi singkat Arthur Rimbaud dan sejumput puisi milik beliau. (an)

Biografi Singkat

Nama lengkap beliau adalah Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud. Beliau lahir di kota Charleville-Mézières (di wilayah Ardennes di timur laut Prancis) pada 20 Oktober 1854.

Beliau memulai menulis puisi sejak duduk di bangku sekolah dasar dan kira-kira berhenti sebelum umur ke-20 tahun. Ketika berusia 6 tahun, ayah beliau wafat kemudian keluarganya pergi ke daerah kota yang lebih baik, sampai beliau jadi murid genius semasa sekolah.

Beliau menerbitkan puisi pertamanya pada usia 15 tahun dengan judul qLes Étrennes des orphelins di La Revue pour tous.

Kemudian filosofi puitisnya di masa-masa itu mulai berkembang, hingga di kemudian hari beliau di anggap sebagai pencipta gaya syair bebas karena eksperimen ritmik dalam karya puisi prosa berjudul Illuminations di tahun 1886. Kemudian di dalam karya Sonnet of the Vowels tahun 1871 yang memiliki sinestesia; di mana tiap vokal di berikan warna.

Kemudian beliau berhenti menulis dan meninggal dunia sastra sebelum berusia dua puluh tahun, selanjutnya beliau bepergian melihat dunia dan berprofesi sebagai tentara, mandor tambang juga pedagang di Yaman dan Ethiopia. Delapan belas tahun kemudian beliau kembali ke Marseilles pada bulan Juni 1891 dan meninggal di Marseille, pada 10 November 1891 setelah amputasi kaki kanannya yang menderita kanker. Gaya sastranya telah mempengaruhi hampir semua bentuk sastra modern.

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Kemudian ini adalah sejumput puisi karya beliau, namun masih dalam bahasa Inggris.

Asleep In The Valley (Le Dormeur du Val)

A small green valley where a slow stream flows

And leaves long strands of silver on the bright

Grass; from the mountaintop stream the Sun’s

Rays; they fill the hollow full of light.

A soldier, very young, lies open-mouthed,

A pillow made of fern beneath his head,

Asleep; stretched in the heavy undergrowth,

Pale in his warm, green, sun-soaked bed.

His feet among the flowers, he sleeps. His smile

Is like an infant’s – gentle, without guile.

Ah, Nature, keep him warm; he may catch cold.

The humming insects don’t disturb his rest;

He sleeps in sunlight, one hand on his breast;

At peace. In his side there are two red holes.

The Seekers of Lice

When the child’s forehead, full of red torments,

Implores the white swarm of indistinct dreams,

There come near his bed two tall charming sisters

With slim fingers that have silvery nails.

They seat the child in front of a wide open

Window where the blue air bathes a mass of flowers

And in his heavy hair where the dew falls

Move their delicate, fearful and enticing fingers.

He listens to the singing of their apprehensive breath.

Which smells of long rosy plant honey

And which at times a hiss interrupts, saliva

Caught on the lip or desire for kisses.

He hears their black eyelashes beating in the perfumed

Silence; and their gentle electric fingers

Make in his half-drunken indolence the death of the little lice

Crackle under their royal nails.

Then the wine of Sloth rises in him,

The sigh of an harmonica which could bring on delirium;

The child feels, according to the slowness of the caresses

Surging in him and dying continuously a desire to cry.


I have kissed the summer dawn.

Before the palaces, nothing moved. The water lay dead.

Battalions of shadows still kept the forest road.

I walked, waking an arm with vital breath,

While stones watched, and wings rose soundlessly.

My first adventure, in a path already gleaming

With a clear pale light,

Was a flower who told me its name.

I laughed at the blond Wasserfall

That threw its hair across the pines:

On the silvered summit, I came upon the goddess.

Then, one by one, I lifted her veils.

In the long walk, waving my arms.

Across the meadow, where I betrayed her to the cock.

In the heart of town she fled among steeples and domes,

And I hunted her, scrambling like a beggar on marble wharves.

Above the road, near a thicket of laurel,

I caught her in her gathered veils,

And smelled the scent of her immense body.

Dawn and the child fell together at the bottom of the wood.

When I awoke, it was noon.


When a child,

certain skies sharpened my vision:

all their characters were reflected in my face.

The Phenomena were roused.—

At present,

the eternal inflection of moments

and the infinity of mathematics

drives me through this world where

I meet with every civil honor,

respected by strange children

and prodigious affections—

I dream of a War

of right and of might,

of unlooked-for logic.

It is as simple as a musical phrase.

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